Eagle Express Mail

Eagle Express Mail offers the most complete and comprehensive turnkey opportunity for you in the mail & parcel industry. We have developed a business opportunity designed to offer needed shipping, mailing, personal and business services in a convenient neighborhood location. We combine just the right mix of personal and business services ensuring that everyone in your area will benefit from the selection and will have a need to stop by your location. The beauty of the mixture is that most people will need to take advantage of many of the services, guaranteeing return customers and multiple sales. Just look at the wonderful services you will be able to offer from your first day.

And that’s just the beginning. It’s up to you… You have complete control of your business.

You have already made the first step. Now contact us and let’s talk to see if this growing industry and business is right for you. Contact the President directly: Eliot@TheMailBoxStore.net or 618-971-6424.

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