Welcome to Our Blog!

What is The Mail Box Store exactly?

As our customer’s like to tell us, we’re a small business that “does a little bit of everything.” We pack, ship, print, design, rent U-Haul trucks and trailers, send money transfers, and much more! Awesome, right?

So what can you expect to find on our blog? Hopefully something worth sharing with a friend or relative. Something that brightens your day. Maybe even something that puts you at ease about packing that china set for your niece’s wedding or just what exactly DO the carriers expect out of you–and us–anyway?

Our goal on this site is to provide some helpful tips and hints when it comes to the services we offer. We’ll give you some pointers for packing a box, help you get that prepaid return shipment ready for pickup, and explain some of the fancy words we printers like to use (“full bleed” anyone?).

We’ll even have some fun and laughs along the way mixed with some “Ooo”‘s and “Ahh”‘s about the interesting things happening in our store and the industry as a whole. For example, did you know FedEx has shipped panda’s and whales, or that we shipped a framed portrait to Former President George W. Bush? Pretty cool, huh?

Finally, you’ll get to know us, the staff. We’re definitely a family at The Mail Box Store and we always enjoy bringing people into our fold. What better way than to share that with you, our friends? We’ll show you some behind-the-scenes features of our family, our interests, and what makes us work so well together. You just might get inspired!

On behalf of our family at The Mail Box Store, I welcome you to our part of the blogosphere and hope you find it enjoyable, inspirational, helpful, and educational.

Happy reading!

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