Tips for Holiday Shipping

The holidays are here once again! If it seems like Thanksgiving and Christmas have arrived sooner than previous years, it may be due to the urgency to get gift packages shipped out right away. All the major carriers like UPS, FedEx, and the United States Postal Service have urged customers to ship early to avoid … Continued

In the Face of Change

When the calendar flipped to March 1, few of us imagined where our country and the world would be at the end of the month. All of us were planning gatherings with friends and family, purchasing tickets to sporting or other entertainment events, and expecting life to continue as normal. Then everything changed. We started … Continued

The New Nomad

There is a growing community within the workforce that combines fun and adventure with earning a paycheck. “Digital nomads” is what they’re being called. They are people who have left behind the typical 9:00-5:00 workday at the office for a more independent schedule allowing them to travel. No single definition fits digital nomads, whom research … Continued

Shipping Revolution

Ask anyone on the street to name a popular shipping company and you’ll likely hear “UPS” or “FedEx.” Few people would answer “Amazon.” That may change very soon. Amazon has been bolstering its logistics network for the last several years. They now operate over 400 warehouses and 185 fulfillment centers in the United States, have … Continued

Boxed In: Avoiding an Amazon QR Code

Amazon has grown to be the biggest online retailer we’ve ever seen. Their retail value reached about $178 billion in 2017. They’ve become a game-changer in the way other retailers handle their online business (notice the prevalence in free two-day shipping lately?) and have begun competing against UPS and FedEx with their own delivery network. … Continued

Why Choose The Mail Box Store?

Finding an exceptional store to offer your business is a challenge people face every day. New options seem to pop up overnight, changing and reshaping the retail landscape (or cyberscape) of where you can go to have your needs met. Our store, The Mail Box Store, offers several services. Our customers often say the same thing … Continued